Jason Quick, M.A.
Since 1995, Jason has been amazing Elementary to High School audiences around Washington State with his inspirational comedy juggling routines. 

This is a lively performance that engages kids mentally and emotionally as they watch Jason do things that most two-armed people dare not attempt.  Jason also tells the story of losing his arm and figuring out how to lead a meaningful life in spite of his limitations. 

Assembly performances are 30 to 60 minutes in length and can easily be fit into the daily schedule.

Jason's comfort with improvisation, teaching and counseling make it easy to incorporate any theme into the performance so that the show becomes an extension of and adds energy to any curriculum.
Jason is often asked to perform for a diverse variety of events.  From weddings, birthdays and aniversaries to festivals, fairs and conventions, Jason makes any event something to be remembered.

With messages tailored to each audience and a conversational style of engaging the crowd, these shows offer an impressive physical presentation with a rare depth of connection that energizes and enlightens.

By listening to the audience and improvising within the framework of well rehearsed skills, stunts and demonstrations, Jason gives everybody in the audience a gift that has been described as inspiring, amazing and heartwarming.

Event performances last from 15 minutes to an hour and a half.  They have been used as openers, side shows and headliners with audiences of any size.